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Supportive Friend


PEI Services is developing plans to operate a program that assists homeless veteran heroes, veteran single mom's and their children with affordable housing, education, jobs, and operation of a medical clinic that treats their mental, physical and spiritual needs.

Philanthropic Endeavors, Inc. Medical Clinic:
   ۰Overcoming addiction with treatment programs
   ۰Psychotherapy For PTSD
   ۰Medication treatments for various ailments
   ۰Therapies for mental and physical illness

Affordable Housing Assistance

Temporary and Permanent Residence

Clean Neighborhood

Quality of Life

  • Education/Employment

  • Rehabilitation/Recovery

Adult Students

Spiritual, Mental & Physical Recovery

  • Emotional Support Animals including horses and service dogs

  • Art and Occupational Therapy

Dog Lover


  • Counseling and Education

  • Mental and Physical Health

Family Portrait
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